Monday, 19 January 2015

Sporthammer : The Zero Hour - Game 2 - Necrons

Previous game

HQ1: Immotekh the stormlord (225) (warlord) [225 pts]
HQ1.1: Royal Court [145 pts]
Harbinger of despair (30), abyssal staff (0) [30 pts]
Harbinger of eternity (25), aeonstave (0), chronometron (15), [40 pts]
Harbinger of the storm (25), voltaic staff (0), [25 pts]
Harbinger of the storm (25), voltaic staff (0), [25 pts]
Harbinger of the storm (25), voltaic staff (0), [25 pts]

Elites1: 5 Deathmarks [95 pts] in Transport 1

Troop1: 5 Necron Immortals (Gauss Blasters), [85 pts] in Transport 2
Troop2: 5 Necron Immortals (Gauss Blasters), [85 pts] in Transport 3
Troop3: 5 Necron Immortals (Gauss Blasters), [85 pts] in Transport 4
Troop4: 5 Necron Immortals (Gauss Blasters), [85 pts]

HS1: Doom Scythe [175]
HS2: Doom Scythe [175]
HS3: Doom Scythe [175]

Transport1 –Night Scythe [100 pts] transporting Elite1
Transport2 - Night Scythe [100 pts] transporting Troop1
Transport3 - Night Scythe [100 pts] transporting Troop2
Transport4 - Night Scythe [100 pts] transporting Troop3

Fortification: Imperial Bastion (75), comms relay (20), escape hatch (25 pts) [120 pts]

TOTAL: [1850 pts]

Mission - Eternal War – The Scouring. Maelstrom of War – Tactical Escalation.

I didn't catch nor Invisibility, nor + to the Invulnerable save. But, Shrouding - that I need, I did catch it.

I had the whole army on the table and opponent had only the Bastion with Immortals.

Turn 1

Necron did nothing. Immotekh's lightnings killed s screamer or two. As for the mission, he wasd lucky - the marker was near the Bastion.

I rushed forward, summoning a new Horror pack in my deployement zone, and achieving a single marker. Also, a plaguebearers pack was summoned on the Storm.

1 - 1

Turn 2

Almost all Scythes arrived, killing few screamers.

I charged the Bastion with Plaguebearers. Achieved one more mission.

2 - 1

Turn 3

Few Scythes gone away, others rushed to my Horrors. Kairos failed his Ground Test, as the Immortals from Bastion decided to charge him, leaving in a single wound...

But then he gained a Grimoire buff and Immortals were attacked by Fiends... As Plaguebearers claimed the Bastion. My First Blood.

3 - 1

Turn 4

New attacks to the Horrors, but they survived. But, opponent gained 2 Missions.

I did nothing interesting, just a single mission. Oh, killed Horrors by Perils.

4 - 3

Turn 5

Opponent tried to claim the "4 point" marker with 2 packs of Immortals and Immotekh. Killed almost all of my Horrors, achieving 2 missions T_T And claiming "2 points" objective

I shooted down some of the screen-pack of Immortals, then multi-charging all of them with Fiends, annihilating it completely. But I was not careful with consolidation and Cryptek returned to life, claiming the "4-point" objective. Wew both had the Linebreaker.

11 - 12

And this is

9 - 11

And a draw for the team... Mistake with a Cryptek made it, cause we would win, if it didn't reach the Marker.

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